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...client comments

"Several months ago, when I started coaching with you, I was in depression with little clarity and little ability to act from self. You have given me empowering tools and feedback that have set me on my path and accompanied me on the way. I will use these tools and continue through the jungle of confusion and past to get to the ocean of love. Thank you forever!"

"Your coaching has absolutely helped raise the bar for what I know I can achieve and give back to others."

"I am so excited...I've been a whirlwind every since our first coaching session. I have addressed three MAJOR obstacles which has taken a huge weight off of my shoulders. It feels great to cross off so many items on my "to do" list that I have procrastinated about for a long time. I am in my glory, creating and producing beautiful work. Thanks for everything."

"Thank you, Bev , for all your support and gentle accountability in keeping me focused and on track! "

"You've helped me past a whole lot of serious difficulties with offering my art and services. I now feel it is truly within my power to make this a viable business. I'm facing my fears and taking action towards my goals. I can't thank you enough."

"Thank you for your creative guidance...I am more trusting of my inner voice and can see my life transforming from the inside out. Things feel good...I am creating the life that I truly want, one step at a time."

" Beverly, thank you! Loving self, making room for abundance, asking, being willing to receive...all these gifts you have shown me at my own table. I feel like Dorothy standing in the ruby slippers, who just figured out that all she had to do to go home was to want it. Bless you!"

" Thanks for everything you're doing. I think our coaching sessions are a really good anchor for me to learn what I need to learn--which is so valuable because what I need to learn is in part how to be a better-rounded and therefore more powerful person--not just in my writing but in all domains of my life. "

" It is very helpful for me to share with you what is real for me. Things are going better than I expected, I can see my own growth...I'm enjoying making "money making" more creative and fun."

" Thanks for all your super help with clarity and organization. I Love it!"

" Coaching with you is helping me to see my life through a different lense. I can now see how I am the master of my world and how important it is for me to find my truth and stay true to myself. I feel that I am creating from a deeper, more authentic place. I have much to share with you when we have our coaching session this week!"

" Thank you, Bev, for never telling me what to do, but for gently holding me accountable from week to week and for providing me with vital feedback for my thoughts and actions. Thanks for asking all the right questions and encouraging me to search my inner self for the honest answers."

" I've shared with my family and friends that I am working with a creativity coach and many asked WHY? They said, "You are already so creative...WHY, of all people, do you need a creativity coach?" This is what I tell them...within just a few months of focused work with Beverly, I realized that she was my personal guide to what I wanted most for myself. With Beverly's help, I will walk gracefully into success--it will be a process of discernment, and not a blind stumbling."
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