For over 30 years, Bev’s passion and joy has been working in the field of human potential … collaborating with others in expanding awareness of self, shifting perceptions of what a person can be, do and have, thus increasing quality of life. She serves as a guide for people in discovering their individual creative gifts and talents, provides spiritual consulting for expanded creative expression, and loves to help others bring their creative genius into the world for the betterment of all. Bev especially enjoys working in partnership with creative souls to create vibrant, sustainable businesses utilizing their creative abilities.

Special Offerings


#1 -- Your Creativity Star™ DISCOVERY PROGRAM

This is all about the real YOU! Bev creates a “Higher Potential Chart” based on your natal birth information. This provides a stellar tool for self-awareness, validation and in creating a unique inner celestial blueprint to serve as a map for illuminating your individual life path.

What you will receive:

  • 60 minute recording of your “Higher Potential Chart” with an MP3 link
  • Hard copy of your natal birth chart and additional printed information
  • 90 minute live follow-up call with Bev for discussing chart, answering your important questions, and how tos for best utilizing your creativity. The follow-up call is over the phone or Skype, and is also recorded for you. Accurate birth time information must be provided (can be found on birth certificate – long form or original document)

Investment: $ 437.00


#2 -- Your Creativity Star™ Manifest Your Creative Potential Program

Has your sense of aliveness dulled?

Do you lack clarity, focus or direction?

Are you as happy, fulfilled and successful as you’d like to be?

Do you feel stuck?

Are you feeling frustration in any of your relationships?

Do you have balance in your life?

Are you providing enough time for You?

This is a 3 month creativity coaching & spiritual consulting program. We will work collaboratively in jumpstarting your creativity or taking it to the next level, and we’ll work towards creating a life that mirrors your truest heart’s desires. Together we will create a strategy and plan for bringing your creative gifts into the world, and Bev will provide the support, encouragement and gentle accountability in helping you to do so.

What you will receive:

  • 90 minute initial phone or Skype call for goal setting /planning session
  • Three 45 minute phone or Skype sessions per month (nine calls over 3 months)
  • A weekly email from Bev, along with worksheet and exercises that we will choose together to fulfill your individual creative goals (these can be business, personal or lifestyle goals)

Investment: $997.00


#3 -- Your Creativity Star™ TIME TO SOAR ... Laser Creativity Coaching Sessions

Those who create (writers, musicians, artists, business entrepreneurs – anyone who creates original material) has special challenges in developing and promoting their ideas and work.

Bev can assist you in:

  • Supplying structure
  • Supporting work habits
  • Providing accountability
  • Focusing on solutions
  • Guidance through creative blocks

Your Creativity Star™ 1 Hour Coaching Session

Investment: $125.00


Your Creativity Star™ Three 1 Hour Coaching Sessions a Month Program

Investment: $300.00


Both programs -- the Your Creativity Star™ 1 Hour Coaching Session and the Three 1 Hour Coaching Sessions a Month Program -- are ideal for:

  • Focusing on specific projects
  • Moving through creative challenges or blocks
  • Developing new habits to support your efforts
  • Continuing your successful creative work in collaboration with Bev

There will also be weekly assignments to practice and to anchor your new learning and growth. These are phone or Skype sessions.

Note: If you would like more information on any of the above program offerings, feel free to contact Bev at 518-798-6933.


Your Creativity Star™ Shine your light ... be the star that you are!

Email: beverlydown@aol.com